How to Remove Marker Stains from Carpet

Why are marker stains in carpet so difficult to remove?

Marker stains are some of the worst carpet stains that your carpet can endure. Why? Though many child-safe markers are washable, other marker products are permanent and can permanently stain your carpeting without the use of the right carpet cleaning products.

How did you get the marker stain on your carpet? Perhaps you were doodling in your living room with your kids and forgot to place some extra magazines or newspapers under your paper. Or, perhaps you dropped a marker that had the cap removed. No matter how it happened, it’s important to set a game plan for how to remove the marker carpet stain quickly and efficiently. Luckily, KickAss Stain Remover has been specially formulated to remove even the toughest of stains.

Tips for preventing marker stains in carpet

Whenever you’re doing an art project on or near a carpeted area, be sure to lay some newspapers down underneath your project area to protect the carpet. Additionally, ensure that you always re-cap the markers. This will not only preserve the lifespan of your markers, but it will also protect your carpet from toppled-over markers.

If you’re walking through the house with some markers in your hand, ensure that the caps are on all the markers at all times. The last thing you want is to trip over something and drop a bunch of multicolored permanent markers all over your floor.

Finally, if you have children, ensure that you only purchase washable markers for them and hide your adults-only markers in a place they can’t reach.

How to remove marker stains from carpet

Removing marker carpet stains can be quite a bother. However, KickAss Stain Remover will get even permanent marker stains out of your carpet fibers quick. Here is all you need to get started:

  1. A damp cloth
  2. KickAss Stain Remover
  3. Two to three dry cloths
  4. A vacuum cleaner
  5. A heavy weight
  6. A toothbrush

How to remove marker stains with KickAss Stain Remover

  1. Start by spraying KickAss Stain Remover over the entire marker carpet stained area. Now, work the product into the fibers of your carpeting with your fingers so all the fibers are covered with KickAss Stain Remover
  2. Scrub the area with an old toothbrush for up to 5 minutes.
  3. Now use the moist sponge to flush the area with water. Use the dry cloth to soak up the water as you’re flushing the area.
  4. Re-spray the area as needed with KickAss Stain Remover and again use a moist towel or sponge to flush the area.
  5. Now, that the marker carpet stain has been removed, it is time to dry the carpet. Place the big, dry towel over the area.
  6. Next, put the weight on top of the dry towel and leave it for a few hours. As the water is soaked up into the towel, the last remaining bits of the marker carpet stain will follow.
  7. Once you remove the towel you should see your carpet has returned back to its former glory!
  8. Feel free to vacuum the carpet to restore its normal texture.