How to Remove Vegetable Oil Stain from Carpet

Why are vegetable oil stains in carpet so difficult to remove?

Walking through the house with vegetable oil can be a very precarious situation. Children’s toys, shoes, and other discarded items on the floor can cause you to easily trip and spill the vegetable oil all over your carpeting. If you’re running in the house with vegetable oil, it’s an even greater recipe for disaster. Spilling vegetable oil on your kitchen floor is already a big enough cleanup job. However, once the vegetable oil has spilled on your carpet, it is even more difficult to remove. This is because vegetable oil stains are oil stains that deeply penetrate the fibers of your carpet. Vegetable oil stains actually bond with the fibers of your carpet, which is why you need a heavy duty carpet stain removal product to fight through the oil. Luckily Bio Oxy Stain Remover is specially formulated to attack oil and grease stains in your carpeting. But remember, you must attack the vegetable oil carpet stain quickly. So, head on over to our online shop  to pick up some Bio Oxy Stain Remover  of your own.

Tips for preventing vegetable oil stains in carpet

How did the vegetable oil spill on your carpet? Chances are you were either running in your home while carrying the vegetable oil, or you tripped on something in your home, which caused the spill. No matter how the carpet stain occurred, it’s important to take steps to prevent future vegetable oil carpet stains in the future. It’s a good idea to keep the lid on liquid items when walking on carpeted areas in your home. This goes for any type of liquid ranging from olive oil, to vegetable oil, to paint, and even to cleaning products. It is very important to keep the lid completely screwed on while walking on carpeted areas in your home. This is a big step towards preventing future accidents and future vegetable oil carpet stains. Additionally, be sure to tell your kids and other family members to also keep the lid on liquids while walking on carpeted areas, to ensure accidents don’t happen.

How to remove vegetable oil stains from carpet

Removing vegetable oil carpet stains can be quite a bother. However, Bio Oxy Stain Remover  will get the grease and oil out of your carpet fibers quick. Here is all you need to get started:

  1. A damp cloth
  2. Bio Oxy Stain Remover
  3. Two to three dry cloths
  4. A vacuum cleaner
  5. A heavy weight
  6. A toothbrush

How to remove vegetable oil stains with Bio Oxy Stain Remover 

  1. Start by using one of the dry towels to soak up as much excess vegetable oil from your carpeting as possible. Don’t scrub the stain, but rather dab the towel onto the carpet stain area.
  2. Now it’s time to bring out the big guns. Use Bio Oxy Stain Remover  to thoroughly clean the area by spraying the entire carpet stain area. Now, work the product into the fibers of your carpeting with your fingers so all the fibers are covered with Bio Oxy Stain Remover
  3. Scrub the area with an old toothbrush for up to 5 minutes.
  4. Now use the moist towel to soak up the product from your carpet. Re-moisten the towel as needed and continue to blot the area clean.
  5. Now your carpet is probably quite wet from blotting it with the moist towel. Now, it’s time to dry your carpet. Place the big, dry towel over the area.
  6. Next, put the weight on top of the dry towel and leave it for a few hours. Check back to see if you need to turn the towel over once one side has absorbed the moisture.
  7. Once you remove the towel you should see your carpet has returned back to its former glory!
  8. Feel free to vacuum the carpet to restore its luxurious texture.