How to Remove Jelly Stains from Carpet

Why are jelly stains so difficult to remove from your carpet?

It is so thoroughly enjoyable to enjoy a weekend brunch at home in front of the television. You can easily imagine being bundled up in your favorite housecoat in front of the telly while sipping on a large cup of joe and eating deliciously fresh biscuits and jelly. This is surely a perfect way to spend your weekend mornings. However, when that jelly spills on your carpet your lovely weekend may take a terrible turn. Jelly is loaded with sugar and preservatives, as well as fruits and berries, which stick to your carpet and create a stain that is incredibly difficult to remove. Jelly stains are almost impossible to remove with regular cleaning products. Even worse, the longer the jelly sits on your carpet, the deeper the jelly will penetrate into the fibers of your carpeting. Once a jelly spill has dried completely on the carpet you will need professional products to remove the stain. Thankfully, jelly stains are quite easy to remove using Bio Oxy Stain Remover, which is a professional carpet stain removal product with serious power!

Be warned: Some blogs may encourage you to try a DIY method using sugars or salts to remove jelly stains from your carpet. However, these DIY methods will often only increase the stain and harm your carpet. We strongly recommend that you use a professional carpet cleaner like Bio Oxy Stain Remover that is clinically formulated to remove tough stains from your carpet like jelly stains.

Tips for preventing jelly stains on carpet

Grape jelly, strawberry jelly, and other berry-based jellies are incredibly difficult to remove from carpeting. Light-colored carpets are especially prone to stain from the dyes in the berries. The starches, sugars and preservatives work together to increase the bond with the fibers of your carpet, which is seriously tough to remove.

One easy way to prevent jelly stains on your carpeting is to instill a no-eating-on-the-carpet rule for your family and house guests. Although it may sound a bit harsh, this is one surefire way to eliminate food stains from your carpeting.

Otherwise, it is handy to always ensure that your family members and/or guests have easy access to napkins and towels so that they can quickly clean up any spills on the carpet before they turn into stains.

Ensure that the lid is completely screwed on the jelly at all times. Loose jelly lids can easily be tipped over onto your carpeting.

Finally, put the knife or spoon that you use to spread the jelly back in the sink immediately. Balancing a jelly spoon on top of an opened jelly jar is a recipe for carpet stain disaster.

How to remove jelly stains from carpet

Remember, do not risk your carpet with do-it-yourself methods to clean the jelly carpet stains. With Bio Oxy Stain Remover you’ll be able to completely remove the entire stain from your carpet without harming your carpeting. Here is what you will need:

  1. Bio Oxy Stain Remover
  2. A dry towel or paper towels
  3. A wet towel or sponge
  4. A vacuum cleaner (optional)
  5. A heavy weight

How to remove jelly stains with Bio Oxy Stain Remover

  1. Quickly use the paper towel to scoop up any remaining jelly from the carpet.
  2. Now, grab the wet towel or sponge to rinse the area with water. Try to flush out the jelly using the wet sponge and then dry up the excess water with the dry towel or paper towels as you go.
  3. Now, it’s time to use your secret weapon. Use Bio Oxy Stain Remover by spraying the jelly spill area on your carpet thoroughly. Feel free to work the product deep into the fibers of the carpeting with your fingers.
  4. Allow Bio Oxy Stain Remover to sit on the carpet for 30 minutes.
  5. Use the wet towel to rinse Bio Oxy Stain Remover out of the carpet as best as possible.
  6. Now, it’s time to dry the area that is now quite wet from all the rinsing.
  7. Dry the area as best as you can using paper towels or the dry towel.
  8. Place a fresh dry towel on top of the area and place a heavy weight on top.
  9. Check back in an hour to flip the towel over to the dry side and replace the weight if needed.
  10. After an hour or so, you can remove the towel and the weight and open a window or turn on a fan to give your carpeting a final burst of dryness.
  11. Feel free to use a vacuum cleaner extension to fluff up the fibers of the carpeting.