How to Remove Berry Stains from Carpet

Why are berry stains so difficult to remove from your carpet?

Summer is such a special time of year as all of the luscious fruits and vegetables start coming into season. Many people have beautiful memories of picking berries as a child, and continue to carry on the tradition into adulthood. Some even make preservatives or jam with berries like strawberries, blackberries, or blueberries. Even after eating a fresh handful of blackberries one will find that their fingers are stained with the deep purple berry juice. In fact, it’s always a good idea to brush your teeth after eating berries to ensure that your teeth aren’t stained. As you can see, berries really have the power to stain everything—from hands to teeth to clothing and even to your precious carpeting.

Berries are a dye. The native americans actually used many types of berries as a dye for clothing. Therefore, as you can see, berries cause very serious carpet stains that need a very serious professional product to clean. If you have been eating or canning berries this summer, and accidentally spilled some berries on your carpet, you’ll need a professional stain remover like Bio Oxy Stain Remover to do the trick.

Be warned: Some blogs may encourage you to try a DIY method using sugars or salts to remove berry stains from your carpet. However, these homemade techniques can often make the stain even worse. Therefore, we recommend that you use only professional carpet cleaning products to remove your carpet stains.

Tips for preventing berry stains on carpet

When you’re canning berries in your kitchen, ensure that you’re always wearing an apron and shoes. In this way, you can remove the apron and shoes before you walk into a carpeted area. One way that berry stains often occur on carpeting is that the person spills some berries on the floor and then accidentally treads the berry juice into another room via their shoes or slippers. Remember, with berry juice, a little bit really does go a long way. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that you don’t have any juice on your clothing, shoes, or body before you move into a carpeted area.

Furthermore, if you’re making a berry pie at home, be sure to eat the pie only in the kitchen. Taking a blackberry cobbler into the livingroom is a real recipe for disaster. Ensure that your whole family knows the rules when it comes to berry carpet spills and do not let them take their berry pie into carpeted areas.

How to remove berry stains from carpet

Berry stains are one of the most serious types of carpet stains out there. In order to safely and efficiently remove your berry carpet stains, here is all you’ll need:

  1. Bio Oxy Stain Remover
  2. A dry towel or paper towels
  3. A wet towel or sponge
  4. A vacuum cleaner (optional)
  5. A heavy weight

How to remove berry stains with Bio Oxy Stain Remover

  1. Quickly use the paper towel to scoop up any remaining berry from the carpet.
  2. Now, grab the wet towel or sponge to rinse the area with water. Try to flush out the berry using the wet sponge and then dry up the excess water with the dry towel or paper towels as you go.
  3. Now, it’s time to use your secret weapon. Use Bio Oxy Stain Remover by spraying the berry spill area on your carpet thoroughly. Feel free to work the product deep into the fibers of the carpeting with your fingers.
  4. Allow Bio Oxy Stain Remover to sit on the carpet for 30 minutes.
  5. Use the wet towel to rinse Bio Oxy Stain Remover out of the carpet as best as possible.
  6. Now, it’s time to dry the area that is now quite wet from all the rinsing.
  7. Dry the area as best as you can using paper towels or the dry towel.
  8. Place a fresh dry towel on top of the area and place a heavy weight on top.
  9. Check back in an hour to flip the towel over to the dry side and replace the weight if needed.
  10. After an hour or so, you can remove the towel and the weight and open a window or turn on a fan to give your carpeting a final burst of dryness.
  11. Feel free to use a vacuum cleaner extension to fluff up the fibers of the carpeting.
  12. Berry stains may need two rounds, so feel free to repeat the above steps if needed.