How to Remove Bacon Grease Stains from Carpet

Why are bacon grease stains so difficult to remove from your carpet?

Mmm! There is nothing quite like some freshly fried bacon on a Saturday morning at home with the family. Whether you’re making bacon gravy, or some bacon strips with pancakes, your family will absolutely love this breakfast. In fact, you may even find yourselves migrating to the couch to watch some Saturday morning cartoons with the kids. However, one foul move and the bacon can easily slide off your plate and onto your carpet. Bacon grease is really potent. Bacon grease on your carpet is even more potent. Bacon grease is made of pure animal fat and will bond with the fibers in your carpeting like nothing else. There’s nothing quite as atrocious as a bacon grease stain on a lovely white carpet.

If you have a bacon grease carpet stain, you must act quickly. The longer the bacon grease spill sits on your carpet, the deeper the stain will penetrate into the fibers of your carpeting. If the bacon grease stain is able to dry it will be incredibly difficult to remove and you will definitely need Bio Oxy Stain Remover. Bio Oxy Stain Remover has been specially formulated to remove difficult carpet stains from grease, animal fat and oils.

Attention: Other online posts from natural blogs may encourage you to treat your carpet stains using natural ingredients like salt or sugar. However, treating a bacon grease carpet stain with more food-products is an incredibly foolish idea and will only increase the bacon grease stain.

Tips for preventing bacon grease stains on carpet

One way that bacon grease spills on carpeting is by transferring a skillet of bacon to the dining room table. If your dining room is carpeted you might want to consider transferring the bacon to a plate with some paper towels underneath and then carrying the plate to the dining room. Some people even go the extra mile of precaution and add a paper towel layer to the top of the dish, too, just in case they drop it.

Bacon grease stains on carpet may also occur when snacking in front of the tv. You may want to institute a no-eating-on-carpeted-areas rule in your home for your family. Otherwise, ensure that family members eat close to the coffee table and never put half-eaten plates on the floor, as this is a surefire recipe for spills.

How to remove bacon grease stains from carpet

Removing bacon grease carpet stains is easy with Bio Oxy Stain Remover. You will only need a few things to help you with the bacon grease carpet stain:

  1. Bio Oxy Stain Remover
  2. A dry towel or paper towels
  3. A wet towel or sponge
  4. A vacuum cleaner (optional)
  5. A heavy weight

How to remove bacon grease stains with Bio Oxy Stain Remover

  1. Be sure to hurry to remove the actual bacon from the carpet as soon as possible. You can easily swoop in with a paper towel or a wet nap to scoop up the bacon.
  2. Use Bio Oxy Stain Remover to spray the bacon grease spill area on your carpet. Spray very liberally all over the stain and also don’t be afraid to get in there with your fingers to ensure that the product has thoroughly coated all the carpet fibers.
  3. Allow Bio Oxy Stain Remover to soak in the bacon grease carpet stain for up to 30 minutes.
  4. Use the wet towel or the wet sponge to rinse Bio Oxy Stain Remover out of the carpet as best as possible.
  5. Place a fresh dry towel on top of the area and place a heavy weight on top. The weight will allow the last remaining bits of the stain to be soaked up with the water.
  6. In an hour or so you can remove the weight and the towel.
  7. Open a window or turn on a fan to ventilate the area and fully dry the stained area.
  8. Finally, vacuum the area to increase the fluffy texture of the carpeting in this area.
  9. Bacon grease carpet stains are serious stains. If the stain persists, simply run through these steps again to completely remove the carpet stain.